Welcome to my new website!

Hello tnx for visiting my personal website!
Me is me... me is Eric Halmans. Living a very comfortable life in Eindhoven.
Manic Depressive. No worries the site even cheers me up!

So, What to do inhere, over here and under here...

Well, you can visit my photo albums and some you can even download as a whole...
There are some great new ones on there as well (New = summer 2013)
Try this:

server: ftp://ehalmans.nl
user: ftpuser@ehalmans.nl
password: anonymous

NB: If you make a lot of wrong logins you get kicked off.

You can ask my ftp server to reset your wrong-ip login
(Firewall blokkade opheffen)

THe link for this is: Link for resetting firewall ehalmans.nl

If you want to reach me just personally I suggest you mail me at:

Eric Halmans, mail address: mail@ehalmans.nl

This also seems more than the right place and time to thank my invisible girlfriend,
Clowntje, Clowny Clown!!!!
(Who is 4 inch tall... and just a bit, don't you ever forget!)

My gratitude towards her is tremendous if not because,
I was allowed to take her picture as a welcome to my site... (She moved down a bit)
Begging is such a big word as if it is her publicity as well...

The list of links that should take you further, deeper in the woods/site:


My Photo Albums


My project site


This was my old site, now on this server